Are you ready to discover some wonderful JAX restaurants? I’m talking Jacksonville FL, and there are well over 1500 restaurants waiting for you. You might as well find out some of the best names in terms of dining establishments in the city. Here are 4 top Jacksonville FL restaurants that you might want to visit for a bite to eat.

13 Gypsies is a tapas restaurant known for its multicultural cuisine. You’re talking about delicious gnocchi, tres leches cake, crispy potatoes, empanadas and all kinds of great food. Its location on Stockton Street is also said to be very convenient. 13 Gypsies is a great restaurant for anyone to stop by, and it’s particularly a great spot for date night.

Then there is European Street Cafe, and its location is on Beach Boulevard. Have you heard of beer cheese soup? Neither have I, but it sounds like something interesting to try. Then there are the pretzel sticks, sliders, tabbouleh and all the sandwiches. White Russians even make the menu highlights because this place is known for its Happy Hour.

What about a steak? Salento Colombian Steakhouse is one place to get that steak, and it is a unique restaurant. Salento Colombian Steakhouse is found on Old Saint Augustine Road, and one thing it’s known for is its combination platter. Enjoy sweet plantains, corn cakes, something called blood sausage and much more. I told you it was a unique steakhouse.

Do you like burgers? What about burritos? This next place is one where you can get both. That’s not always something you see in restaurants. So if both sound like a plan, or you want to choose between either one, then Lola’s Burrito & Burger Joint is for you. It’s located on King Street. Not only is the food great, but this place is known for its Happy Hour, too, just like the other restaurant. Sounds like you can expect a great atmosphere at Lola’s Burrito & Burger Joint.

Stop on by one of these four great Jacksonville restaurants for a delicious meal. The last one is what has me hungry because it’s two great foods all in one place. What are you thinking about eating? Hopefully you feel like one of these restaurants sounds like a plan for you and yours. When traveling Jacksonville, it’s going to be time to stop and grab a bite to eat at some point for sure.